Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Biggest Mistake Bloggers' Can Make . . .

The biggest mistake that any Blogger can make, is not to update their Blog !

I made this mistake . . . and I ask you all to please accept my apology.

My last posting was on June 25, 2010.  Since that date, I have been doing what most visual artists do . . . try to balance time between working and  making time to do our passion.

As of today, I have self-published six books.  The most important literary event in my life, at this point, is the Blog that I recently started to do my part to raise more awareness 2 find a cure 4 "cancer travelers".

I coined the term, "cancer travelers" because, unfortunately, not all people who have been diagnosed with cancer are survivors, but all are making the journey.

You are all welcome to follow "The Story of Joe & Floyd".


BY . . .


Til' we chat again, please do better than I . . .
and keep your Blogs updated !

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