Friday, June 25, 2010

Social Networking makes Cents

Back in the day . . . being a "tithe" guy I was brought to my knees 
having to rethink the "Rule of Return". 

As a visual artist the rule of return is 80/20.  Eighty percent of time marketing and a meager 20 percent left (if you don't sleep) to be creative.  One can certainly use their own discretion and spend more time in the studio . . . but unless you make contacts that results in sales  an abundance of inventory and unread books accumulate very quick.

So where do we spend the 80% of our time, that takes us away from our gift of self expression.  

The list is exhaustive,  but social networking plays a significant role. Social networking can be either face to face or via the internet.  Internet networking is critical in finding contacts that meets your needs.  

Yesterday, I was browsing the Internet using keywords, that I discovered while in Pennsylvania, to make new connections.  My goal was to find Meetup Groups back in the California Delta area that shared the same interests of me. My purpose was not limited to finding others who had an interest in visual arts . . . but to connect with artists that were higher up the learning curve to help me to navigate in calm waters . . . with a following sea  that had the wind at my back.

In my search for Meetup Groups in my home port area, I came across one that was founded by Beth Barany.  Beth is an author, she has also made a commitment to help struggling writers to get their works published. Some advise is free and more consultation comes at a cost.  Remember folks, it is usual and customary to pay for services when rendered.  

I will provide more information in my companion blog about her contributions that benefit the wannabe publisher, so please visit my other blog.  For those who want to discover Beth on their own "Google" Beth Barany and enjoy her contributions and talents.

Networking makes "cents"  . . . but remember the tithe.  Join meetup groups in your area and those that geographically make sense for your intended  audience.  When you are networking via the Internet . . . you have to define who is your customer and present yourself on their doorstep with your creation in hand. But make sure that you leave with a check in your hand. There are more options than Pay Pal. More to follow. . . not always free.